Schools’ gyms have been unchanged for over 100 years



The basic functionalities and space planning of school gyms have been similar for more than 100 years, although there has been a lot of changes in how people do sports both at school and in leisure time. The future of school gyms is now being reformulated. Pinto and Architect Agency Kanttia 2 have joined the SmartSport Cooperative, which is leading this project. We want to be involved in developing new types of spaces and services for inspiring and fun sports!

The main partners of this project are the Federation of Finnish Sports and Health Education Teachers Liito ry and the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Read more about the project: SmartSport Cooperative’s website.

Photo: Varkaus Museum’s photo archive, A. Ahlström Oy’s collection / Ivar Ekström

New Pinto people: Eveliina Rajala & Spatial Design


Eveliina Rajala

Eveliina Rajala, a Junior Designer at Pinto has her origins in Kurikka, Southern Ostrobothnia.”I am positive and flexible, but sometimes the Ostrobothnic frankness raises its head – in a good way”, laughs Eveliina.

Eveliina studied interior design and furniture design at the Savonia Polytechnics in Kuopio. “At school I designed a pharmacy, a café, a Flipped Classroom and an armchair.  My thesis was about designing a large loft-style apartment.”

At Pinto I’ve attended projects including restaurant concepts and spatial design”, Eveliina describes. “My wish is to create beautiful spaces and concepts that work well to the customers.”



Eveliina Rajala
Junior Designer
+358 400 732 691

The environmental issues play a key role in GreenStar Hotels


Photos: Eemeli Linna.

The Finnish hotel chain GreenStar Hotels has been celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. GreenStar opened their second hotel this summer in Jyväskylä, Finland.  GreenStar Hotel Jyväskylä  puts great effort on the environment. The environmental issues have been taken into account both in the hotel processes, energy and lighting and in the interior materials.

Pinto Design was chosen as a partner to co-create the hotel’s service concept together with the GreenStar people. The work also included spatial and interior design, as well as updating GreenStar’s graphic design. The architects from Kanttia2 were responsible of the project’s architectural design.

More information about this project:

Annukka Nissilä
Interior Architect
+358 50 462 2626

New Pinto Staff: Niko Kärkkäinen has strong experience from work spaces


Niko Kärkkäinen

Interior Architect Niko Kärkkäinen started working at Pinto in early July 2018. Despite the short Pinto career, we feel like we’d known Niko for a long time already!

Niko has strong experience especially in the design and conceptualization of working and learning environments and business showrooms. He has studied interior design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences and has added some competencies also in Kyoto. As a designer, Niko is realistic, but has the head properly in the clouds. “I’m excited about every project. I see opportunities rather than problems in them,” he summarizes.

Niko is spending his free time with his family and friends (hey, there are lots of friends!) He goes to galleries and museums, trains at the gym, follows sports and loves vintage furniture shops. When Niko is not in Helsinki, he can often be found in Oulu.

Niko’s interest areas are: minimalism, architecture, product design, graphic design, interior design, street art, graffiti and urban areas.

Welcome to Pinto, Niko!

Niko Kärkkäinen
Interior Architect
+358 40 961 34 38

New Pinto people: Interior Architect Inka Saini


Inka Saini 4 Pinto Design

The latest Pinto recruitment is Inka Saini, an interior designer. Inka’s background is from architect and landscape architect offices in Helsinki, London and Washington DC, and from the event and marketing business. Inka spent eight years abroad and is back in Finland now.

Spirit of Place taught about life and architecture

Most inspirational projects for Inka along the way have been the Spirit of Place projects with an American architect Travis Price. Spirit of Place projects include site and cultural pavilions around the world. “They taught a lot about life, about myself and of course about architecture,” says Inka. These pavilions can be found also in Finland. Seurasaari’s Kalevalakehto was created by an American-Finnish architectural student group. Inka has also been involved in designing and building in Nepal and Colombia.

“I’m experimenting with space and concept design. The best cases are the ones where the customer’s wishes and needs can be combined with my visions and implemented in a coherent, functional way. Authentic stories about people and different places inspire me a lot.”

Inka nurtures positiveness and curious attitude for nature. She is a trained yoga instructor and loves to instruct especially kids’ yoga classes. “I’ve just sent the children for a summer break from my small yoga studio, Inka Ark. In the beginning of August you will also find me on the  island of Lonna at the Magnesia festival. This three day festival offers yoga and wellbeing workshops.”

Inka Saini
Interior Architect
+358 50 338 6945
inka.saini (at)

Pinto people: Peppi Kankkunen, a fashion enthusiast and a true travel lover


Peppi Kankkunen

Interior architect Peppi Kankkunen is a passionate traveller, and highly inspired by the fashion world. Ideas from around the world find often their way also to Peppi’s interior design work.

Peppi, what does an interior architect actually do?

– Interior designer’s work is based on the customer’s brand and specific needs, which are mapped together with the customer. Expectations about the brand and the functionality of the space are carefully scrutinized. If possible, I interview the users of the space – usually my customer’s own customers. A moodboard is a great tool when searching for a desired flair and style with a customer.

– We assess the space with service design methods. The designs and plans take into consideration the end user’s different paths and the customer’s business needs. The customer chooses that functional plan she feels is the most unique solution for her business and customers.

– After the initial survey, an interior architect builds up the concept and draws the premises. The job includes also looking for materials, color shades and furniture. In addition to the space drawings, I often draw the fixture. Interior architects are at their best when involved in the implementation phase. At that part of the project, the job is consulting and sometimes even insisting that things are being implemented as planned. At the end of the project, we discuss with the customer what has been achieved and whether there are any further wishes or ideas.

Peppi has worked at Pinto for 1,5 years and has been involved for example in the following projects: Stockmann Roof, Ähtäri Zoo Pandatalo, Hemingway’s, Cumulus Airport Bistro and Greenstar Hotel. The latest Peppi’s works include designing the Restaurant Teatteri’s VIP terrace in Helsinki.

Teatterin VIP Pinto Design

Dive into Peppi’s world through the Sugar & Sunglasses blog

Peppi is known as a “style fanatic” and seeks inspiration for design from the trends and fashion world. Peppi is fascinated with textures and color schemes and of innovative ways to combine different materials. When travelling, her focus is on architectural sites, building methods and beautiful environments.

Check out Peppi’s travel and fashion related Sugar & Sunglasses blog!

Contact Peppi:

Peppi Kankkunen
Interior Architect
+358 50 400 1664

1st prize for Pinto in the International Design Awards


Pinto was one of the winners in the International Design Awards in May 2018. Pinto was recognised with the 1st place in the Interior Design / Institutional category with The Snowpanda House case. Our warmest congratulations also to our customer Ähtärin Zoo and to the pandas Lumi & Pyry. “The Snowpanda House is a unique facility: its Himalayan inspired interior combined with Scandinavian simplicity, creates a calm and harmonious space with natural colours and materials.”

Read more about the award. Photos: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio.
PAndakaksoset_DuJiangyuan_China 180221_karhunkierros_150_094180221_karhunkierros_150_091180221_karhunkierros_150_033180221_karhunkierros_150_069180221_karhunkierros_150_023

(Fin) Business Finlandin innovaatioseteli muotoiluprojektiisi?


Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

Stockmann Roof bar and Hemingway’s Bar & Café in the ProInterior-magazine


Two of recent Pinto cases are presented in the new 1/2018 ProInterior magazine. ProInterior is a high class magazine on architecture, spatial design and building.

You can read the articles about Stockmann Roof by Ravintola Teatteri (Royal Ravintolat) and Hietalahti Hemingway’s Bar & Cafe (Restel) here. If the link does not open, you can download the pdf-version here.



Our office has moved


We are renovating a new Pinto office to the historical Elanto building in Kallio. The renovation is still on-going. Meanwhile, our office has moved to this address nearby:

Kaikukatu 3A
00530 Helsinki

Welcome to visit us!


Pinto welcomes a new teammate: Welcome Liang Yingjie



The newest member of Pinto team is interior architect Liang Yingjie. Yingjie is from Hunan Province, China, and moved a couple of years ago to Finland to study in Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. Yingjie is studying in master’s program of spatial and furniture design and before Aalto University she studied environmental art design in Jiangnan University School of Design in China.

In addition to her studies, Yingjie has participated in several exhibitions with her work.  Her works have been on display in Helsinki Design Week 2015 and 2016. Yingjie has also participated in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in 2016 in exhibition called Greenhouse 2016.

Yingjie describes her passion for her work as following:

”Design is interesting work for me and I often feel both delighted and tortured at the same time when coming up with a new idea. I really enjoy different scales and materials, like every designer does, and the stories that a space or furniture can convey. Also, it is a great experience to be working with designers from different backgrounds which is something that Pinto provides. As an international member of the team, the view of distance generates something very valuable for Pinto and for myself too.”

You may contact our new teammate by email yingjie.liang(at) Contacts in English.

Ähtäri Zoo, Finland: Pandas will enjoy Nordic design in their house



Ähtäri Zoo Park in Finland is preparing for the arrival of the pandas at the end of the year. The construction of the Panda House is well on its way. The Panda House is designed to be a comfortable home for these rare animals and also a memorable experience for its visitors. The Panda House will have two sections: one end of the building will house a restaurant and the other customer facilities. The other end is to be the new home of the giant panda couple arriving from China. They will be the only pandas residing in the Nordic countries.


Pinto Design is designing the customer facilities of the Panda House. The most important aspect of the spatial design has been to design a home for the pandas in cooperation with the zoo experts and to allow visitors to have a truly memorable customer experience. Pandas can hear a wider range of both lower and higher resonating sounds than humans, so acoustic elements play a vital role in making sure they are comfortable. Special attention has also been paid on the lighting. Panda House visitors have the opportunity to learn more about pandas and various conservation projects for this endangered species in interesting ways.

A harmonious Scandinavian atmosphere will be created for the Ähtäri Zoo Park Panda House for example through the use of natural materials. “The use of local design is unique when compared with other panda houses in the world,” says Jukka Tuhkanen, CEO of Pinto Design. “We believe the house will have a positive atmosphere that caters to all senses. Although the interior design is quintessentially Finnish, the soundscape of the Panda House will come from the natural habitat of the pandas: for example, wildlife sounds from the Chinese mountains will be played inside the building,” says Tuhkanen. Chinese nature and culture are strongly present in the information provided in the building using cutting-edge technology.


A multi-national team of experts – including highly experienced panda experts from China – is contributing to the design of the Panda House. The cornerstone of all of the design work has been the welfare and comfort of the pandas.

Additional information:

Pinto Design Jukka Tuhkanen, CEO
+358 40 571 5730

Ähtärin eläinpuisto Oy – Ähtäri Zoo Park Juhani Haapaniemi, CEO
+358 400 565 223

Image and interview requests for Ähtäri Zoo:
Elina Viitanen, Marketing and Media Director, Ähtäri Zoo Park
+358 40 630 1500

ahtarizoo_logo                snowpanda_logo


Enjoy summer times above the rooftops of Helsinki- Roof



London has long been famous of its cozy rooftops terraces and now you can find one in Helsinki centrum as well. Stockmann -department store in the heart of the city opened a new long-awaited terrace on the roof of the building: Stockmann Roof by Ravintola Teatteri. Pinto Design created interior solutions for both two floors of Roof. Pinto Pro managed the interior design and contract work and coordinated purchases and installations concerning the project in cooperation with Stockmann and Royal Ravintolat. The project was ordered by Royal Ravintolat.

The rooftop spaces are in use for the first time after the the department store was built. Before opening of Roof the space has been in the usage of Stockmann personnel. The lower floor of Roof is covered whereas the top floor is uncovered open space for sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful views over Helsinki rooftops.


“The project was executed in quite fast pace and the designs were ready by most parts in two weeks. Cooperation with Royal Ravintolat was smooth despite the busy schedule and we were very glad to be part of this project. There is no better place for rooftop terrace in this city” says Peppi Kankkunen, designer from Pinto Design.

“The new restaurant has some similar features in interior design with Ravintola Teatteri. The elegance and minimalism of Ravintola Teatteri recur in Roof. The space itself remained quite as it was before and we didn’t want to paint the walls and decided to aim for industrial- style. This may be seen in Roof for example in the floors- the concrete floors are mostly uncovered” Peppi continues.


Furniture, houseplants, lights and colors soften the space. The furniture is light colored for creating balance with the dark restaurant space. Turquoise is used as an accent color because it reminds the rooftops of Helsinki.

“Even though the two-month schedule for this project was very tight we managed to finish the project on time and the rooftop terrace was opened in May as planned. Big thank you from this to Pinto team” Pekka Tyynilä from Royal tells about the restaurant project. “Customers have find their way to Roof since the day one and the terrace is full always when it is not pouring rain”.

More information/ Photo requests

Jukka Tuhkanen, CEO Pinto Design
Tel +358 40 571 5740

Pekka Tyynilä, Head of restaurant business Ravintola Teatteri and Stockamm Roof by Ravintola Teatteri
Tel +358 22 017 0271

Photography: Anders Portman

Renewed Hemingway’s Hietalahti Bar & Cafe served customers throughout its renovation



Hemingway’s bar & cafés are meeting points for urban and adventurous people and located in city centers. They are common living rooms from midday until late evenings. Pinto designed the new concept for Hemingway’s- bar & cafés. The first renewed location is Hemingway’s Hietalahti in Helsinki.

Design of the new concept was executed by Pinto Design. Implementation, contract work and purchases for the project were carried out by Pinto Pro. Hemingway’s Hietalahti could serve its customers normally during the whole four weeks renewal process. The construction work was done in the  mornings before the opening hours.


Local spirit from Hietalahti themed pictures

Hemingway’s Hietalahti is divided into few different areas. The biggest change in the bar & café is a fresh coffeeshop area that suits perfectly for working remotely or having a long afternoon tea or coffee with friends.

Some of the existing elements and furniture in Hemingway’s Hietalahti remained the same. The big windows were partly covered with tape for making the space more intimate, but without blocking the view nor preventing light coming through the windows. More different seating options were added to the restaurant and the furniture was disposed in a slightly different manner. The pictures hanging on the walls of Hemingway’s Hietalahti offer a local detail to the interior design. The pictures show familiar locations of the Hietalahti area.


Customers’ views were taken into account in the renewal process

Surface materials and different coatings were used to create livelihood and freshness to the space. The walls were repainted with a lighter shade of gray which fits into the natural and soft color range of the restaurant. The new coffeeshop part of the Hemingway’s Hietalahti has a fitted carpet that muffles voices coming from the space. One of the rooms was boldly painted with the red color. The same color recurs in a darker shade in the wooden panels of the wall as well as in the cover fabric of the pool table located in the room.

Quotes of Ernest Hemingway were added to the walls. In the coffeeshop side there is also a painting of the writer’s face. The window frames are covered with ceramic tile that catches even the eyes of passersby. The bar counter was covered with structured wooden panel and light up with soft colored lamps to create a more relaxed atmosphere.


The changes in the restaurant were made taking into account the wishes of potential customers as well as current and regular customers. The opinions of the regular customers were extremely important when making decisions about the renewal of Hemingway’s Hietalahti. This was possible because of the active personnel of the bar & café. For example the favorite seats of the regulars remained the same.

“It was definitely interesting to get to be part of renewal of Hemingway’s brand since I’m a customer of the Hemingway’s myself”, says Johanna Alaraasakka from Pinto Design. “The staff of Hemingway’s Hietalahti was very committed to the project and working with them was inspiring and easy. They really care about their customers” Johanna continues.

”There’s a perfect space for everyone in Hemingway’s Hietalahti now. You can find a convenient place wor working with your laptop or you can come here to play billiards with your friends”, says Alina Niemi from Restel.

More information about the project:

Mia Halsti, projektijohtaja, Pinto
Tel +358 40 551 8005 mia.halsti(a)

Alina Niemi, Hemingway´s Brand Manager
Tel +358 40 127 8899, alina.niemi(a)

Jan Renlund, Chain Director, Restel

Anders Portman

Restaurant Fuudi- Delicious food in industrial milieu



Years and years ago, these neighborhoods were fields grazed by the cattle that belonged to citizens, later the area was occupied by textile factors, metal factors and production plants and in this August, you will find restaurant Fuudi from this historical place.

The dynamics and the layout of the restaurant space are designed for different kind of dining situations and whether you come alone or with company you will find suitable solutions in Fuudi. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and à la carte till late evening. Stop by to have lunch with your colleagues or a glass of wine with your loved ones on Saturday evening, Fuudi has it all.


Fuudi will be stylishly industrial and the space will be easy to approach for everyone. The furniture of Fuudi are lightweight and easy to move and this makes the space modifiable for many different occasions. Simplicity and all-encompassing customer experience meet in the restaurant space.


Warm welcome to Teollisuuskatu, have seat and enjoy fresh ingredients and delicious meal cooked on the spot. Maybe you notice the several details of the space while you eat, maybe the many houseplants catch your eye. Maybe you see how Fuudi is designed on the terms of its environment and the red and grey of the space mirror the architecture of the surroundings.


Pinto Design designs spatial solutions for restaurant Fuudi and Pinto Pro manages the contract work. Fuudi will be open from the beginning of August in Teollisuuskatu 33.

More information about the project: Mia Halsti +358 40 551 8005

Restaurant Bistro renewal à la Pinto


Airport Bistro Havainnekuva

Pinto Design creates new spatial and interior solutions for the Bistro restaurant of hotel Cumulus Airport Resort.

Inspiration for the renewal was seeked from French bistros and the style of Bistro is Scandinavian and harmonic.

Along with the new style the restaurant will be getting an open kitchen for customers to have a sneak peek to cooks’ doings and a terrace equipped with an awning and heat lamps.

The service area of Bistro will be divided to buffet area and à la carte in which customers may enjoy Bistro’s own menu.

OKSA-Osuusravintola/ POK “One restaurant, thousand taste”



Graving for salty bits or perhaps sweet treats? Coffee or five o’clock tea?

Whatever you feel like for, you will find it at restaurant Oksa.

Located in Tampere, at Prisma Kaleva the restaurant world offers thousand taste under one roof.

The spatial solutions and interior design of Oksa are done by Pinto Design and were created based on Osuuskauppa and Trust Creative Society’s concept. The design was inspired by nature and the main colors used in the restaurant space are green, gray, black and white. The materials used in the restaurant are natural materials such as birch board and different metals.


In the serving area, the meal alternatives each have separate counters. This way there won’t be lines for cashier and those who have not quite yet made up their mind on what to eat today may have a peak on what are the options of the day.

The little ones of families are not forgotten in design solutions. In Oksa there is a dining and playing area for children.


The project manager of Osuuskauppa Pirkanmaa Anu Volotinen praises restaurant Oksa and says that the restaurant receives positive feedback from customer on weekly basis. “This kind of feedback is well received in design team- it means that design is perfectly done and customer expectations are exceeded. Cooperation between Pinto and POK was successful” she continues.


Spatial design: Pinto Design/Anna Ojajärvi

Graphical appearance: Pinto Design/Topi Männynsalo

Artwork of the playarea: Pinto Design/Johanna Alaraasakka and Hilla Virtanen

Photography: Antti Kuparinen

Spatial art: Ilari Hautamäki

Warm welcome to Pinto, Minna Rappe!


Pinto welcomes new customer relations manager: Minna Rappe started in March at Pinto’s Helsinki office. Minna’s responsibilities at Pinto are managing and activating customer relationships.

Minna has strong background in business life from working in Finnish and global organizations and she has had the privilege to work for example at IKEA and Marimekko. Minna’s best talent is in design knowledge and customer orientated way of working.

”Pinto is a dream job and I feel like I have found my place in worklife, working with interesting projects and dynamic, talented people using my previous experience as a benefit/ an advantage. ” Described Minna her new job.

Contact Minna in customer relations related requests:

+358 40 556 9977

New faces in Pinto crew: Welcome Johanna Luoto!


Recently Pinto team gained a new member: our local gal from Helsinki Johanna Luoto.

Johanna’s role at Pinto is project manager/producer and she will take responsibility for maintaining of customer relationships, introducing designers into new projects, managing and coordinating projects and monitoring productions.

Johanna has background in communications and firmly believes in the power of communications. Having worked in creative teams before, Johanna feels like home in creative environment at Pinto and enjoys communicating with customers.

Contact our production and project managing expert by email or give her a call:

+358 40 577 5032

Mia Halsti appointed as a Project Director and a Producer


Mia Halsti is a project-, and production management professional, she has recently joined Pinto staff as a Project Director. Having worked for both national and international companies, Mia has over 15 years of experience in project management.

Mia is in charge of project plannings, status reportings and surveys. Her task is to to smoothly and effectively deliver projects on time and on budget. Together with the creative team she is also in charge of client workshops. Besides working on client accounts, Mia is also in charge of Pinto’s internal project managing. Tasks include resourcing and time scheduling for the creative team. Mia’s mother tongue is swedish. She manages projects fluently in three languages.

To quote Mia:

“I´m a communicator with good listening skills. For me the keys to deliver a project on time and budget are: to be highly organized with positive energy, to possess the gift of foresight and quick sifting, to be able to re-evaluate project priorities frequently in other words to be able to prioritize”.

“Businesslike, assertive and lovely” – describes one of Pinto collegues our Mia.

Want to know more about our projects?

Mia Halsti
Project Director / Producer
+358 40 551 8005

New Pinto people: Mia Joukas


Mia Joukas has recently joined Pinto’s team. She is a designer with a background in the painting industry and as an interior designer.

”I enjoy solving our customers’ challenges. I’m especially interested in service design, branding and strategy development. I’m a sporty, outdoor person and I love good books and cooking. The best thing during the winter is swimming in a hole in the ice!”

At Pinto, Mia is working with different customer cases and also taking a closer look on our internal working processes.

Tel: 041 431 6319

New Pinto people: Interior Architect Mirella Abe


Interior architect Mirella Abe joined Pinto in May. She brings Pinto strong experience especially in instore designing.  Mirella has worked also with restaurant interiors and workspace design. During her studies, she specialised in the multichannel or omnichannel design: what is the role of a brick and mortar -store in the digital world? Mirella has a special interest for customer experience in stores: how can design enhance the customer’s shopping experience?

: +358 50 511 84 05

Timo got another job and leaves Pinto


Timo Kokko changes positions towards new challenges outside of Pinto. Timo will continue as a part of our Advisor team and that way be a active part of development of Pinto. Thank you, Timo,  for your support and all the best for the future!

Designers in London


Once again it was time to get some inspirations and rerfresh the ideas! Pinto-designers Tyko, Johanna, Anna ja Anni visited London Design Week. The main events were Tent London, 100%-Design, London Design Festival and Design Junction, but also to check some trends in food and local culture. So with sneakers on and memory cards empty in our cameras, we hit the streets of London. Busy week behind and not enough rest but that didn’t matter since inspiration is the designers rocket-fuel! Read more from Pinto-blog.

Pinto sharing knowledge


Industrial Design Director Anssi Mustonen started as a part time lecturer in Lahti School of Applied Sciences car design departments course of motorcycle design. Anssi is sharing hes expertise to young designers until the end of this year along the everyday projects of Pinto.

Business Director


Timo Kokko started as a Business Director. Welcome to the team Timo!



Project management and renovation company PintoPro has been established. Welcome to the family PintoPro!