Pinto Cave

Experiental stereoscopic 3D-environment and communication tool for evidential spatial design.

Step in to the 3D-model and perceive the spatial design as in real environment. This new tool accelerates the design process, eases the decision making process and enhances the communication between all the stake holders.


Why Pinto Cave?

Pinto Cave enables the possibility to experience the spatial design in the earliest possible phase of the project. Cave is a essential aid in decision making, idea communication or selling of the project. Pinto Cave also simulates the reality, which gives a possibility to all the participants to relate to the design solutions in the same level of details.


As a result we can offer a real solution to involve users or target groups to the design process, and that way optimize the cost efficiency towards the concretion. With Pinto Cave the team can evaluate and analyze the choices made within the project and debate with the participants about the choices. This accelerates communication and reduces the misunderstandings and eventually the costs of the project in building phase.