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1st prize for Pinto in the International Design Awards25.05.2018

Pinto was one of the winners in the International Design Awards in May 2018. Pinto was recognised with the 1st […]

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  • Airport Bistro

    Airport Resort Bistro

    Spatial design

    Hotel Cumulus Airport Resort’s Bistro Restaurant in Vantaa was renewed in summer 2017.

    French bistros acted as an inspiration for the Airport Resort Bistro. However, the style of the restaurant is still Scandinavian and harmonic. Thanks to the renovation, the bistro has a trendy kitchen, which opens up views to the customers. The restaurant area has now separate buffet and à la carte areas.

    Restaurant opened also a terrace on the hotel’s cozy courtyard. The terrace can be enjoyed far in the autumn regardless of the weather – thanks to the heat lamps.

    Bistro’s new design was done by Pinto Design. The Cumulus hotel chain was sold to Scandic in 2017. All Cumulus hotels will become Scandic during the spring 2018.

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  • Panda_DuJiangYua_China

    Panda House of Ähtäri Zoo

    Designing of the customer facilities of Ähtäri Zoo Panda House. The project was executed in cooperation with Ähtäri Zoo experts to make sure that the special needs of the panda couple are considered throughout the project. The most important aspect of the spatial design has been to design a home for the panda couple with the zoo experts and to offer visitors a truly memorable customer experience. The acoustic elements play a vital role in designing of the Panda House because the pandas can hear a wider range of both lower and higher resonating sounds compared to humans. Special attention has also been paid on the lighting. In addition, the Panda House is designed to educate customers in an inspiring way about pandas and various conservation projects for the endangered species.

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  • 170608_hemingways_hietalahti_005

    Bar Hemingway’s Hietalahti

    Concept design and implementation for Bar Hemingway’s. The first renovated bar is in Hietalahti area, Helsinki. The bar space was divided into different areas and now the bar has a new cozy coffeehouse section for customers to enjoy for example a long afternoon or remote day from work. Many of the already existing features of the bar space retained the same and some new seating options like comfortable booths were added. The renewal process included painting of the walls and installing a new fitted carpet to the coffeeshop area. The walls were also spiced up with Hietalahti themed pictures and Ernest Hemingway wall art.

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